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Types of Memberships

We have three types of members : core members, advisors and members. 

  • Core members : the project managers who handle all aspects of the project
  • Advisors : the project advisors who provide guidance, directions and non-technical supports to the project
  • Members : the service users who use any of the project services and do certain self-support of the services used.

Membership is non-transferable at all time.

Minimum Membership Requirements

  • member must be Christian
  • member uses our services to serve our Lord
  • member should promote this project to other Christians
  • member agrees to be listed on the ChristiansOnNet.Org membership page

Member is recommended to put a referral link to this project on their own website.

Join us

At this time, memberships are obtained through referral or invitation from existing member only with approval by core members. However, if you are interested in our membership, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Current Member Listing

Here are a list of current users and their link in alphabetical order. If there is any mistake, please let us know.

Corporate Members (full domains)

Chiou Lao Shi Lecture Hall

Website : http://www.chioulaoshi.org/

Location : Taiwan, China

Services : full domain hosting


Doulos Minitries

Website : http://www.doulosministries.org/

Location : Ottawa, Canada

Services : full domain hosting


Emmanuel Alliance Church of Ottawa

Website : http://www.eaco.ca

Location : Ottawa, Canada

Services : full domain hosting


Evangel Baptist Church

Website : http://www.ebc.hk

Location : Hong Kong, China

Services : full domain hosting


Gracious Light Resources Centre

Website : http://www.graciouslight.org

Location : Ottawa, Canada

Services : full domain hosting


New Haven Chinese Alliance Church

Website : http://www.newhavencac.org

Location : New Haven, USA

Services : full domain hosting


South Shore Chinese Alliance Church

Website : http://www.shouthshorecac.org

Location : Montreal, Canada

Services : full domain hosting



Individual Members (Subdomains)


Kwing Hung, Ph.D.

Website : http://kwing.ChristiansOnNet.Org

Location : Ottawa, Canada

Services : sub-domain web hosting & E-mail



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